Kennel Bransfield's

Uppfödning av mops.

Kennel Bransfield's

Uppfödning av mops.

About us

Thaddy, the Chef in the family who makes sure we all get food every day. Without him we'de be lost. He's my soulmate, supporter and the greatest daddy.

Liam, our oldest son who we see very little of since he's a teenager. Great Handball player.

Noah, our youngest boy. He's my biggest helper with the dogs. A good football player who goes All In.

Lotta, this is me, the mother, and momentum behind this small little family kennel.  

The Bransfield's, the one and only in Sweden

Background story

Once up on the time, we were baby sitting a lovely little Pug call Max, ZuMa's Who's The Man. He stayed with us for 2 weeks, autumn 2014, and we are so greatful to Cilla for this trust.


According to Thaddy Max was absolutely not allowed up in the sofa or bed but before the first day was over Max sat in the sofa and slept all night, on his back, in our bed.


After these 2 weeks we contacted Camilla Dahlroth, Kennel Sparvöga's, and went there to have a look at her Pugs. Well, to be honest, it was pure love at first sight of the pugs and such a friendship with Camilla grew stronger. We got Sparvöga's Razz-Ma-Tazz "Elsa" 18 months old.


A year later Elsa had 3 beautiful little puppies. We were definately not planning to have more dogs but after we just "borrowed" a cutie for a weekend we were hooked.

Sparvöga's Xcuse Me I´m Hot "Wilma", 5 months old, came to us.


A new world opened when we got Wilma. I went to unofficial shows with her and enjoyed this so much

Today, autumn 17, I have travelled to nearly all International and national shows with Camilla, from middle of Sweden down to Denmark.


We have such an incredible good time together. To be honest, If a laugh prolongs life I'd live forever!!!


We have now taken life with dogs a little further and started a Kennel.


Elsa & Wilma